Application modernization

Shifting legacy applications to the public cloud can be challenging. With Insight, you gain an experienced partner that will help you migrate and modernize strategically.

Simplify your journey.

Your business relies on many existing applications. Some of them may be difficult or costly to maintain or enhance. Others may be on legacy platforms slated to be retired, or use supported technologies with known vulnerabilities that increase business risk.

Whether you’re just beginning to address some of these concerns or are down the path to growing your cloud footprint, we can help. Insight provides consulting and technical services across application architectures, development processes, and application infrastructure. The result: smarter, more secure, and manageable moves to the cloud.

Work with Insight to:

  • Accelerate timelines and maximize outcomes with proven processes.
  • Strategically consider security, data integrity, governance, and business continuity.
  • Get a modernization roadmap spanning priorities and required updates, all grounded in a technical approach.

Modern Applications for the New-Era End User: A Framework for Success

Applications are a critical part of the user experience. How will you help employees meet the demands of modern business? Read this whitepaper to explore key challenges, end-user preferences and best-practice approaches to modern applications.

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Support across the Six R’s of application migration

Evaluating applications based on the "Six Rs” before migrating to the public cloud is best practice. Insight brings deep expertise across all six strategies: Rehost, Re-platform, Refactor/Rearchitect, Repurchase, Retire, and Retain. We take the time to understand the needs and requirements that impact your application portfolio, helping you define and realize success across every category.

On-premises, IaaS, PaaS, Containers, Serverless, Managed Services

Kick-start your initiative.

Our strategic approach means laying the groundwork for the most momentum and success. Explore the many ways you can work with the Insight team on your initiative — browse our featured offerings:

Application Modernization Strategy Workshop

Application Modernization Strategy Workshop

In this one- to two-day Workshop, Insight experts will work with you to prioritize legacy applications for modernization with supporting technical architectures and defined service improvement opportunities.

Java Application Modernization Assessment

Java Application Modernization Assessment

Over three weeks, we help you understand the cost and effort inputs needed to migrate your Java applications and develop a formalized migration plan for each type of Java application in your environment.

Azure Spring Cloud Fast Start

Azure Spring Cloud Fast Start

In this three-week Fast Start, Insight will partner with your team to deploy a subset of your Java application portfolio to Azure Spring Cloud using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), scaffolding tools, and best practices.

.NET App Best Practices Assessment

.NET App Best Practices Assessment

Identify areas in which your .NET solution can be realigned to best practices with expert guidance and validation from Insight experts over the course of this two-week Assessment.

Azure AD B2C Assessment

Azure AD B2C Assessment

Lay the foundation for Azure AD B2C migration. We help you create a plan for budgeting and coordination, address consumer identity challenges, evaluate existing architecture, and develop a roadmap.

Deploying Modern Workloads on Azure Fast Start

Deploying Modern Workloads on Azure Fast Start

This four-week engagement gives you focused, hands-on experience with GitHub, Terraform, and Azure. Insight will help you assess your environment, identify pain points, and outline an actionable strategy.

The cost of ignoring legacy platforms

Running operations on outdated platforms handicaps your ability to transform and increases technical debt. Learn how legacy platforms can hamper innovation and how to kick-start your modernization journey with us.

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End-to-end modernization support

With a host of resources and experts on our team, Insight helps clients discover how to unleash the full business value of the cloud through app modernization. Our unique end-to-end perspective helps guide your work from start to finish, navigating challenges and uncovering opportunities. Watch these videos to learn more about how we can support your app modernization journey.

A team of distinction

Insight is an award-winning solutions integrator with deep expertise across the data center and cloud.

U.S. Partner of the Year 2020

2021 Azure Migration Partner of the Year

2021 U.S. Application Innovation Partner of the Year

Intel Innovation Partner of the Year 2020 & 2021

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Google Cloud Premier Partner

Americas Investment Partner of the Year 2020

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Databricks Consulting and SI Partner of the Year 2020

Redefine what’s possible. Move legacy apps to the cloud with expert assistance.