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Intelligent edge

The next frontier in business innovation is at the intelligent edge — a convergence of devices, local computing, and artificial intelligence/machine learning models that enables real-time outcomes and accelerates decision-making capabilities. Let Insight be your partner in this new landscape.

What’s possible? Everything.

Traditional architectures are focused on the data center. Modern architectures incorporate cloud and hybrid cloud, converged solutions, and potentially solutions like containers.

The intelligent edge extends the perimeter to new places — factory floors, corn fields, retail stores, wind turbines, surgical units, coal mines… nearly anywhere you could imagine. Organizations are capitalizing on these capabilities to gather information about people, places, products, and workflows that can then be analyzed and used to improve decision-making and drive business impacts.

Although some aspects of the intelligent edge mirror traditional approaches, there are a myriad of novel considerations.

  • What are appropriate use cases for the edge?
  • What hardware, software, and networking specifications are ideal?
  • How can you ensure security across the intelligent edge?
  • What does data storage look like in intelligent edge solutions?

Go from idea to execution with Insight. Our team can support you through use case identification, strategy, architecture and design, deployment, testing and optimization, and monitoring and management — the full spectrum of realizing your intelligent edge.

A quick introduction

Learn more about how intelligent edge technologies work, as well as their technical and business benefits.

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Top use cases

Use video and high-definition video applications for detection and inspection to improve quality of operations, enable predictive maintenance, enhance employee safety, and more.
Process improvement
Process improvement
Enable synchronous intelligence and adjustment to instruments, processes, and systems, helping to optimize key outcomes and minimize damaging or costly events.
Customer profiling
Customer profiling
Better understand the behaviors and intentions of customers and target groups, and align offerings and experiences to maximize engagement and revenue potential.
Asset optimization
Asset optimization
Manage assets with unprecedented precision by tracking activities, matching resources with needs, anticipating maintenance, and applying customized rules to optimize key metrics.
Looking for more ideas? Read this ebook to explore a variety of industry-specific use cases, along with ways to improve long-term ROI and customer service with the intelligent edge.

Intelligent edge 101 and beyond

Edge intelligence has the potential to take your business from status quo to leading-edge innovation. How will you leverage intelligence at the edge? Whether you’re just now considering edge use cases or rethinking a current edge deployment, Insight can help.

Watch our Intelligent Edge playlist to learn from the experts on topics ranging from getting started with the edge to securing your edge infrastructure and more.

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Intelligent Edge use cases

Hear experts discuss how clients are using edge intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) to drive business innovation.

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The ROI of Intelligent Edge

Learn the key benefits and the average ROI of edge technology expected for each industry.

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Featured client story

A convenience store chain worked with Insight to develop an intelligent edge solution created with its own security cameras.

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Find your edge

Let’s discover how your organization can leverage the intelligent edge.