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Workload alignment

Businesses are at a competitive inflection point — and the successful application of technology is the differentiator. By aligning workloads with the right platforms, we help you evolve the data center, modernize IT, and enable digital transformation.

Questions, complexity — and clarity

The IT landscape today is more complicated than ever. There are mounting demands on IT and how it’s expected to serve the business — meanwhile, platform options abound. This can all cause organizational confusion about the best path forward.

Our clients often ask:

  • How do we compare cloud costs to current enterprise costs?
  • What is the right cloud deployment model? Public or private cloud? Platform as a Service (PaaS)? Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
  • Which workloads should be in the cloud?
  • What hybrid models would work best for our business?
  • How do we operationalize and manage cloud alongside on-premises environments? 

You need a roadmap and a partner. When you engage our team for workload alignment, we help you understand your options, prioritize objectives, and define and reach a target destination that creates agility today and prepares you for the future.

How Workload Alignment Works

To maximize effectiveness, businesses need to use multiple platforms. But which workloads go where? Hear from several of our experts on what workload alignment is and why it’s so useful.

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A validated methodology

Our team uses a hardened process for workload alignment. We've helped thousands of business leaders understand their IT estates, evaluate platform options, and migrated data and workloads to support enterprise-wide digital transformation. Regardless of platforms, a modernized IT environment should be orchestrated, automated, managed, and secure.

Our process entails:

  • Conducting thorough discovery, assessment, and reporting leveraging technology like SnapStart and human-powered review and analysis
  • Defining business and technical requirements, drivers, costs, and change readiness
  • Honing IT and cloud strategy inclusive of security, talent, resources, timelines, etc.
  • Outlining an optimized future state, roadmap, and recommendations to move forward
  • Migrating workloads, implementing and integrating technlogies, and adapting processes and user groups to the new environment
  • Measuring and maintaining service levvels and security across all platforms

Key benefits of workload alignment

Understand the application landscape.
Cloud with arrows
Develop high-level application lifecycles/cloud migration plans.
Identify current costs.

Determine financial implications of alternative hosting scenarios.

Create a business case for workload transformation.

SnapStart discovery engine

The first step in aligning workloads is knowing what you have and where. But this can be challenging given the size, scope, and complexity of today’s IT environments.

Meet SnapStart — Insight’s proprietary discovery engine. SnapStart is faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive than any other discovery tool available. Use SnapStart in combination with strategic consulting to uncover truths about your IT environment that support more efficient and impactful workload alignment.

Asset inventory
Detailed asset
Shadow IT
Shadow IT
Data-driven decisions


Learn more about SnapStart here

Part of cloud transformation

Cloud is foundational to agility, scalability, and innovation — attributes of the most competitive organizations today. Achieving the promise of cloud requires planned approaches that combine intentional strategy and successful execution, followed by ongoing cloud management and optimization.

Whether your organization is on a cloud-first trajectory or working toward a hybrid model, workload alignment plays a critical role in the journey. Our team can show you how workload alignment enables:

  • Easier scaling and capacity adjustments
  • Better governance and simpler compliance
  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Improved decision-making capabilities
  • Greater cost control

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