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Internet of Things (IoT)

From the watches on our wrists, to the security systems in our office buildings, to the sensors on our production lines, IoT devices have found their place in our daily lives. Whether your business has an established IoT practice or is just beginning to envision its applications, we can help.

IoT is driving countless innovations across industries. It's helping municipal agencies solve traffic congestion and minimize pollution. It's simplifying asset and fleet tracking for retail and logistics companies. It's improving security for banks, technology, and services firms via identity authentication. The question is: What data do you need to optimize your business?

As requirements and success criteria continue to evolve, Insight is here to help you navigate decisions around IoT and make important enhancements to your infrastructure. We can support you with:

  • Defining IoT use cases for your business
  • Architectural designs of IoT-based solutions
  • Implementation, management, and support of IoT solutions
  • Network modernization and traffic change management 
  • Securing IoT devices and supporting infrastructure 
  • Solutions that incorporate intelligent edge, cloud, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)  

From Edge to Center: Key IoT Considerations for Enterprises

Ready to leverage IoT for your organization? Start with this whitepaper. You’ll learn key considerations for making your IT infrastructure IoT-ready and get advice on devices, industry standards, management, and more.

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Take business to the edge with IoT.

Start reaping the benefits of IoT and real-time data when you operationalize data collection, management, and optimization at the edge. Insight will help you identify and implement the infrastructure and application solutions you need to make the most of IoT.

Edge & IoT Infrastructure

Edge & IoT infrastructure

  • Build in security and data protection.
  • Connect IoT devices and applications.
  • Optimize connectivity and performance.
  • Establish scalable groundwork for growth.

Edge & IoT Applications

Edge & IoT applications

  • Drive data processing at the edge.
  • Leverage edge data for innovation.
  • Reduce latency and bandwidth.
  • Enable business innovation.

Results, realized

Through IoT services delivery, we’ve helped clients raise service levels, improve visibility, and develop more cost-effective operations.
50+ IoT device types classified, profiled, and onboarded securely to the network
Optimized network, security, and Wi-Fi to support fleet of IoT robotic forklifts
Set the groundwork for repeatable architecture at 25+ distribution facilities
Discovered 3x the number of IoT devices expected during an assessment
Provided immediate ROI of ~$195K for a grocery chain concerned with public health
Improved railway safety and response times with automatic track inspections
Enabled global leadership in hand hygiene compliance monitoring and patient safety
Implemented a solution for temperature scanning up to 30 brewery guests at once

Innovate with top partners.

Get the best IoT solutions the industry has to offer when you work with Insight and our world-class partners.

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Insight Connected Platform

Today more than ever, business owners and city managers need to steward physical environments that promote the well-being of employees, customers, and citizens. Build smarter, safer spaces with Insight Connected Platform™, a scalable IoT framework that helps you detect and prevent health risks.

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Leverage IoT technologies and solutions to drive your business forward. Insight is here to help.