Computer vision

Cameras are ultra-powerful, flexible sensors. Put them to use solving legacy and emergent business challenges with computer vision solutions spanning intelligent edge, data platforms, AI, cloud, and modern apps.

Never-before-seen opportunities

Cameras offer distinct advantages for creating and collecting data. Insight helps you ideate and identify use cases for computer vision, then deliver end-to-end solutions including hardware, services, and support. Work with us to:

  • Vastly improve detection, response, and even prevention activities.
  • Create rich, visual snapshots of diverse data points.
  • Accelerate your strategy around computer vision, AI, and intelligent edge.
  • Simplify your initiatives by aligning with a single partner and solutions integrator.
  • Build customized solutions with proven technologies and integrations that augment targeted outcomes.

6 Computer Vision Trends Transforming the Business Landscape

Most organizations (81%) are investigating or implementing computer vision. Learn more about this industry with this infographic, which features research from an Insight-commissioned IDG survey.

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The journey from endpoint to outcome

Camera > Data > Computing (Edge, Cloud, Data Center) > Artificial Intelligence > Application > Notifications and Automations > Business Process Improvements

Top use cases

It takes time to discover the full range of opportunities created by a new technology application. Today, organizations are using computer vision to tackle challenges within the manufacturing, retail, health and life sciences, and energy verticals.

  • Enhance monitoring and inspections.
  • Automate safety reminders, detections, and response.
  • Eliminate the need for manual activities.
  • Automate administration and asset evaluation.
  • Optimize logistics through improved handling of supplies and inventory. 
  • Optimize equipment usage and maintenance.
  • Identify anomalies and performance issues faster.
  • Reduce human-caused errors or oversights.
  • Prevent common instances of shrinkage.


Get in on the action.

Which computer vision use cases are best for your business? How do those use cases align with your objectives, and how will they solve your most pressing challenges? Ask us about our envisioning workshop. In this two- to four-hour engagement, you’ll get:

  • A strategy session to illuminate key challenges that could benefit from computer vision solutions
  • Expert guidance around technical equipment and considerations, including a hardware analysis to form the basis for an implementation roadmap
  • A development plan for a pilot deployment 

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