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Security and networking

Today, all signs point to more — more traffic, more users, more devices, and more complexity. Insight can help you reduce complexity, increase visibility, and bolster security to build a strong foundation for transformation.

A holistic practice

Innovation and growth are necessary. Thus, networking and security best practices must keep evolving. What models will support greater numbers and diversity of devices? Which architectures are best suited to a hybrid workforce? What solutions or approaches will secure a modernized network?

Our team can offer guidance and technical support every step of the way, with a focus on aligning business and IT strategies. We help clients with:

  • Network enhancements and designs to enable Internet of Things (IoT) or intelligent edge initiatives, adapt to organizational change, reduce risk, and drive cost reductions
  • Comprehensive ransomware and cyberthreat prevention and protection solutions and strategies
  • Wireless connectivity architectures and implementations, including CBRS and standup outdoor units
  • Security for hybrid cloud and multicloud leveraging automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced methodologies
  • Modern data protection that spans cloud, edge, and on-premises environments, encompassing data classification, governance, compliance, and disaster recovery
  • Software-defined technologies, including SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SDDC

Technology is always changing, and the Insight team is staying on top of it all. We help clients understand and integrate the latest trends and innovations in modern security and networking. Watch this video to learn more about current and future trends in networking.

Assess and Adopt SASE With Insight

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model unifies traditionally siloed networking and security services in a cloud-first environment with centralized management. Learn more in this whitepaper.

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Strategic objectives

Gone is the idea that fixed-perimeter designs are the answer for secure networking. Redefining access and authentication while avoiding complexity is a challenge. Lateral movement and backdoor activity require fresh battle tactics.

Despite differences across industry, size, and other attributes, most organizations are up against the same challenges — and need to prioritize the same objectives:

  • Better visibility — Know what's happening on your network, at all times.
  • Better contextual information — Get more granular details about network activity.
  • Increased control — Have the tools and infrastructure you need to defend your network, systems, data, and users against complex, persistent, and surfacing threats.
  • Simpler management — Leverage technologies and unified management to reduce manual labor and requirements and improve network integration.
  • More automation — Streamline processes for policy creation, governance, and threat containment. 

Intelligent security

Tackle challenges and provide consistent, positive experiences for your network users. With our help, you can approach security comprehensively, accounting for industry benchmarks, your business needs, and your technological capability.
Magnifying glass over computer screen
Testing & assessment
Ensure the integrity of your network and remediate gaps.
Cloud security padlock
Cloud security
Stay secure as you increase agility with cloud platforms, integrations, and resources.
Governance, risk & compliance
Define models and programs to adhere to internal and external standards.
Security controls, padlock with controls
Security controls
Optimize controls for your unique network and threat environment.
Security Management
Protect against threats with 24/7/365 security services from an expert team.

Build an integrated network.

Establish your secure and integrated network solution stack. We offer end-to-end services informed by years of industry experience and deep technical wisdom, and the realities of networking and security today.

Create a vision for the future.
Plan for the optimal secure networking architecture, based on your business goals and requirements.
  • Assessment and strategy
  • Testing and optimization
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Ransomware readiness
Execute with strategic precision.
Implement the networking technologies, processes, and controls that will drive your success.
  • Enterprise and data center networking
  • Software-defined technologies
  • IoT
  • Security services

Gain agility for business transformation.
Operationalize, optimize, and manage your modernized networking environment to maximize outcomes.
  • Networking administration and monitoring tools
  • Managed Services
  • Insight OneCall™ Support Services
  • Residency Services

A top partner

To develop winning solutions, we blend deep knowledge and industry-leading technologies from key partners. We are proud to be independent integrators, offering clients a real choice of the solutions we deploy.

We highly value our key partnerships. Insight's Digital Architecture Acceleration Program brings together our expertise with flexible solutions and technologies to help your organization successfully grow in critical areas.

Maintaining proficiency, expertise, and lasting partner relationships helps both us and our clients be more successful. A hallmark is our close working relationship with Cisco, which spans more than 20 years. Our certifications and awards are only eclipsed by the positive outcomes we’ve been able to manifest for our clients and their businesses.

Cisco partner gold certified
600 major cisco certifications
Top 5 cisco partner
30+ CCIE certifications
Insight is also a proud partner to innovative vendors in the networking and security solution space.

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Streamline Network Security With SASE

As IT environments grow more complex, organizations need new ways to both strengthen and streamline secure management. View the infographic to learn how SASE unifies traditionally siloed networking and security services and simplifies management from a single point.

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The Problem With Too Many Security Tools — And How to Fix It

There’s a tool for every security need today. But the result is a lot of noise and alerts to sort through. In this video, an Insight security expert elaborates on this challenge and offers a solution.

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Modernize, innovate, and secure. Speak with our team about supporting your initiatives.