Our Engineering Summit: A Fresh, New Way to Exchange & Gain Knowledge

By Datalink

Disruptive technologies are rampant. There is a lot of change in play. It is our job to keep up with the latest and best ways to transform skills, processes, and architectures, so that we can help clients navigate these complexities. In order to do this we have to keep learning. But how?

Introducing the Engineering Summit, an annual peer-led learning experience hosted by the Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) division of Insight.

What happened at the summit?

The annual event took place over three days, in Westminster, Colorado, in February 2019. Over a hundred Insight CDCT technologists and consultants attended, as well as friends from partners NetApp, Cisco, NVIDIA, HPE, Microsoft, and Pure Storage.

Sessions included:

  • AI Market Overview, Opportunities, & CDCT’s Role
  • Intro to Python Programming Language
  • Automation Landscape
  • Software-Defined Microsegmentation in the Enterprise
  • GPU-Based Computing
  • And more

Curious what we discussed? 

Here’s Jeff Bozic sharing key takeaways from his session on containers:

And Tom Johnston with highlights from his session on automation:

Why host an event like this?

The Engineering Summit was a great opportunity to learn and strengthen relationships with colleagues. The majority of sessions were peer-led and were designed to be interactive and hands-on wherever possible. We also hosted a pub trivia night and dinner, and a game night and dinner with select CDCT partners. 


We think the Engineering Summit supports:

  • Our team members, who… 
    • Shared their expertise with peers
    • Were able to build knowledge in key topic areas, in a supportive and collaborative environment
    • Learned new things about technologies, strategies, and best practices
  • Our clients, who…
    • Reap the benefits of a team that works well together, because they share knowledge and support each other
    • Get to trust that their partner, CDCT, is at the top of their game
    • Get services and solutions that are best-in-class, developed and vetted by industry experts

Here’s Juan Orlandini with a quick overview of the Engineering Summit and why it matters: