Tackle operational inefficiency with regular service reviews

By Phil O'Konski, Practice Director of Managed Services

As the college football playoff season wraps up, one of the themes we constantly heard from the sports pundits was exploring a college football team’s résumé compiled during the year. Did they have strong wins or weak losses? Did they have a good strength of schedule or did they fill their schedule with cupcakes? Did they end the season with a flourish or a thud?

As part of Datalink Managed Services, we recognize looking at the big picture as well. This is why regular service reviews are part of our normal operations. Looking at trends and data can provide much broader insight than managing an environment case by case. Doing the analysis and having a conversation about where engineering and operational teams should focus provides better clarity on improving service levels. Continuing to fine-tune processes can help develop opportunities for automation and better operational efficiency.

Datalink values service reviews with our customers that include the entire breadth of our capabilities to our customers’ environments. Otherwise, our customers and our teams will not be successful with delivering results.

Phil O’Konski
Director, Customer Care & Development