Empowering Clients on Their Personalized Journey

By Juan Orlandini, Chief Technology Officer, North America & Distinguished Engineer

An in-house transformation

While today Insight is a solutions integrator, our origins were quite different. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and in that time, we evolved with the market as we moved from a technology reseller to a solution-focused company. Now, we help our clients by calling upon our collective expertise to provide world-class solutions. Our commitment to our clients is paramount. And as a company, we are constantly looking for ways to elevate our teammates and knowledgebase to better serve those clients.

A deep bench to lean on

At Insight, our teams have strong and specialized technical backgrounds. This means whether a client is looking for help managing the remote workplace, modernizing cloud infrastructure, implementing comprehensive cybersecurity measures, or setting up a machine learning algorithm, we have the experience, services, and solutions to make it happen. In addition to our in-house offerings, we have world-class expertise in a curated set of well-known partners. In fact, we sit on the advisory boards of these partners and help them bring new products and services to market. We are constantly evolving — we invest in our teammates and make strategic acquisitions to ensure we can solve the most relevant client challenges with the best people and the most appropriate technology. 

One of the most exciting things about working with our clients is that we get to learn broad challenges and drive specific solutions to them. Over the last few years, we have seen that our clients are prioritizing business outcomes that combine one or more of the following areas:

Optimizing data for better business

  • We deploy data analytics to determine the most valuable solutions for a client to focus on for the best ROI.

Modernizing infrastructure

  • We empower your organization with speed and scale of services.

Writing modern applications

  • We create world-class, next-generation applications to accelerate business transformation.

Driving next-gen security

  • We help ensure businesses are resilient and prepared for modern challenges.

By combining these focus areas, we find our clients get to real business outcomes with rapid ROI.

Starting anywhere: Supporting clients through their unique journey

For modern companies, the possibilities for injecting technology solutions into their business are almost endless. Insight is here to make sure clients aren’t overwhelmed and can focus their attention and investment on the right solutions.
To do this, we meet every client exactly where they are — no matter how big or small the problem they want to solve is. We have a wide array of skills and world-class people who know how to solve business problems. Our approach allows us to leverage these resources and find the best fit for the client’s needs. We take a holistic approach to digital transformation: Each client experiences a tailored approach to best serve its needs, goals, and strategy.

Differentiating Insight from other solution organizations

While there are other solution organizations, our clients tell us time and time again that none of them have the scope of technical coverage, at scale, that Insight does. Typically, solution organizations either focus on a technology motion (think physical stuff) or consultative solutions (think strategy/design/coding). But we do both — and we do them at scale. We’re able to deliver on all sides of digital transformation for large companies and/or projects that are as straightforward as a single product sale to complex global deployments of custom Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. We are constantly evolving in the technology space and the market, even down to our personal journey from reseller to solutions integrator.


 Next steps

Do you have a business or technology problem you’re looking to solve? Or maybe have no idea where to begin but you’re looking for guidance? Our experts are here and ready to help. Click here to connect with us or visit this page to learn more about our solution offerings