Unlock Scalable and Flexible Connectivity With SD-WAN as a Service

By Michael Moore, Practice Development Manager

As SD-WAN has come to the forefront of connectivity and Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization, many organizations have sought a balance between their investment and tapping into the full advantages of this technology. An option emerging for them is SD-WAN as a Service (SD-WANaaS), a more flexible and streamlined approach to connectivity and performance.

Unpacking the benefits of SD-WANaaS

Typically, the biggest driving factor for organizations looking to move toward an aaS solution comes down to the expense model; for those looking to move away from CapEx and redistribute their investments into OpEx, SD-WANaaS allows for cost optimization and predictable monthly spending rather than large upfront costs. In traditional SD-WAN configurations, companies must try to project their future usage when evaluating their hardware needs, which can create challenges for growing businesses. SD-WANaaS on the other hand allows companies more frequent changes to their configuration and the opportunity for hardware refreshes in a “pay- as -you -grow” model.

Moving to an aaS model also gives businesses the flexibility to use different platforms and providers while still getting a consistent and uninterrupted experience. For companies like Insight, our SD-WANaaS even leverages a global alliance of telecoms for easy and consistent connectivity around the world . Lastly, this aaS solution provides consolidated billing for hardware, software, circuits and managed services, providing a more streamlined experience for the client.



How does this differ from managed SD-WAN?

While SD-WANaaS and managed SD-WAN services sound very similar, they allow businesses to leverage different tools and advantages. For companies that already have a functioning SD-WAN system but want to offload active management of it, managed SD-WAN is a great solution. These services help companies take full advantage of security, performance and resiliency while getting access to expert monitoring and support. SD-WANaaS gives companies all the benefits of managed SD-WAN — along with a smarter way to refresh WAN infrastructure, move to an OpEx model and consolidate billing across their environment.

What are the best use cases for this aaS model?

The great news for organizations looking to leverage SD-WANaaS is that it’s a viable and beneficial choice for any industry. For businesses that have multiple locations (especially globally), SD-WANaaS can give them better access to cloud and on-premises resources with the connectivity and security they need. This model is also well suited for organizations that anticipate lots of growth in the next few years and want to have the flexibility to scale their configuration with ease. Lastly, SD-WANaaS can be great for businesses that are starting fresh because the barrier to entry is easier and allows for the quickest ROI.

Starting your SD-WANaaS journey

At Insight, we offer both SD-WANaaS and managed SD-WAN and can guide your decision-making process. Our experts can assess your needs to bring in the best hardware, software and service providers to get your business on the right path and running smoothly.

To tap into a more flexible and streamlined SD-WAN solution, connect with one of our experts.