How to Optimize Your Microsoft Sentinel Investment

Microsoft Sentinel provides enterprises with industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities. In this LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts discuss tips for making sure enterprises fully realize the benefits of this cloud-native security solution.

Prevent and Recover: Mitigating the Threat of Ransomware

Defending against ransomware requires more than a security strategy or a single solution. It involves careful planning around governance, networking, storage, and data protection for a comprehensive ecosystem of technologies and policies. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and Michael Perreault discuss how to create the type of ecosystem capable of preventing and mitigating cyberattacks.

Automate with Purpose – Key Considerations

Automation can be a powerful tool for accelerating IT modernization initiatives and even improving time to market. But, executed without strategic intention, it can also cause misalignment and even introduce unexpected cost and risk. Watch this LinkedIn Live with CDCT experts Jason Rader, Jeff Bozic, and Jonathan Parnell, along with Jake Lundberg from HashiCorp, to explore key considerations for creating a purposeful automation strategy. You’ll learn how to ensure your automation strategy aligns to your business processes, how to implement policy guidelines to protect your operations, and how to evaluate whether an automation initiative will negatively or positively impact your bottom line.

Modern IT Operations

Businesses have to be agile and innovative in order to successfully attain or maintain a competitive edge. Yet, there remains a critical need for governance around cost control, vendor management, data protection and disaster recovery. Modern IT Operations is about this very balance between innovation and governance — ensuring that developers can drive the business forward without setting the stage for problems, breaches and cost overruns down the road.
In this webinar, led by Insight’s Juan Orlandini, Chief Architect, we will discuss:

  • Shifting to modern and hybrid platforms that make your business nimbler and more responsive
  • Bridging the gap between internal groups to ensure IT Ops can deliver what developers need
  • How IT operates in a hybrid cloud environment

Managing at the Edge

As more computing moves to the edge, efficient edge management has become more important than ever. In this video, CDCT experts explore some of the strategies and solutions to optimize resources and make modern edge data management more streamlined and effective.

Edge is the New Perimeter – How to Connect and Secure the Modern Edge

In today’s highly dispersed IT environments, the modern edge plays an important role in optimizing security, connectivity, and accessibility. In this video, CDCT experts discuss strategies for using modern edge solutions to support business operations and drive digital innovation.

Journey to Zero Trust in Healthcare

What is Zero Trust security? And what does it mean in the healthcare setting? In this webinar recording, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) experts Michael Sciacero, Eddie Mendonca, and Craig Hyps discuss the role Zero Trust plays in identifying internal threats, securing IoT devices, and driving cloud transformation — ultimately supporting healthcare delivery and providing better protection of patient data.

Pay-As-You-Go Storage Models

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ strategies. Missteps in how you align your data can increase costs and associated risks by 2‒3x.
A consumption-based approach acts as a bridge between private, hybrid, and public clouds, providing benefits like more transparent pricing and contract terms, the flexibility to shift workloads to the cloud as needed, and the ongoing peace of mind of a local system.
In this webinar led by Insight’s Chief Architect Juan Orlandini and Practice Director Kent Christensen, you’ll learn:

  • How to mitigate risk by eliminating or alleviating CapEx and aligning costs with usage through consumption-based billing
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and compute hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services
  • What it takes to align your storage model with public cloud, networking, and security

Do away with the DevOps disconnect — Adopt modern IT operations

Diverse IT environments, siloed teams, and time-consuming processes often inhibit the agility needed to adapt to the demands of modern business. How did we get here, and how do we overcome it? Unifying developers and operations is the key, and modern IT operations is how we make it happen. Tune in to hear CDCT experts discuss how organizations can solve the DevOps disconnect with developer-forward IT infrastructure with security, resilience, and availability built-in.

Deploying AI in the Public Sector — How to Increase Security and Mobility

Join leaders from Insight and NVIDIA as they discuss how recent changes in technology, and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), are influencing enterprise operations and infrastructure — particularly in the public sector. Watch this session to learn how today’s technology providers are delivering practical, compliant solutions for security and mobility in one of the world’s most highly regulated industry spaces.

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