Data Loss Prevention: The Role of Data Governance, Discovery, and Classification

In this webcast, industry leaders in data protection come together to discuss data loss prevention and the role of data governance, discovery, and classification. Tune in to learn more about how to protect data efficiently across each stage of the data lifecycle and how to inform your data protection strategy, starting with data classification.

Cybersecurity at a Crossroads

Tune in to hear Insight experts Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, Mike Sprunger, senior manager of cloud and network security, and Rob Parsons, senior practice architect, discuss the Insight-commissioned IDG survey, “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: The Insight 2021 Cybersecurity Report.” From the drivers behind this initiative to the data gathered and its implications, the discussions in this webcast deliver a high-value perspective on key findings and ongoing cybersecurity concerns.

Developing a Multifaceted Approach to Ransomware

Ransomware cost businesses a total of $20B in 2020, and its increasingly sophisticated attacks show no signs of slowing down. In this webcast, Insight’s security experts Chris Kapusta and Tunde Odeleye discuss evolved ransomware threats, including RansomCloud and the impact to backups, as well as key components to creating a multifaceted approach to ransomware readiness and protection.

Delivering Connectivity Through Community Wireless Broadband

Outdoor connectivity plays an essential role in connecting communities and endpoints and delivering secure communication. In this recent LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mike Moore, and Mike Parmeley discuss the importance of secure, reliable public wireless to promote connectivity across municipalities and industries. Hear more about Wi-Fi, CBRS/private LTE infrastructures, and the innovative use cases driving the adoption of both these solutions.

Driving Transformation With Hybrid Cloud

For most enterprises, a successful cloud strategy requires adopting a hybrid model, regardless of end-state goals. In this recent LinkedIn Live, Jason Rader, Peter Kraatz, and John O’Shaughnessy discuss the many forms that a hybrid cloud approach can take and the ways that deploying a hybrid cloud strategy can support transformation initiatives. Learn best practices and key benefits from this lively discussion.

Understanding the Role of SASE vs. SD-WAN in Cloud Security

When it comes to cloud security and securing the edge, SASE offers many advantages. Yet in order to reap the benefits of this technology, organizations must understand the role of SASE in creating an effective cloud strategy. In this recent LinkedIn Live recording, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mike Moore, and Douglas Gatto discuss how to determine whether SD-WAN or SASE solutions make sense for particular use cases to improve network security and efficiency.

Security Considerations for Containerization and Kubernetes

Warehousing applications in containers doesn’t automatically make them secure. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Victor Aranda, and Chase Christensen discuss the three phases of containerization security and how, when deployed properly, containerized environments with Kubernetes can allow organizations to achieve agility and scale while mitigating the security risks.

As a Service for Public Sector

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they can increase their cloud costs and associated risk by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public cloud, allowing organizations to align their data management strategy to overall business objectives.
Key takeaways include: 

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and compute hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.

Creating a modern storage strategy

For most enterprises, a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable storage solution is the goal, yet achieving it is not always a straightforward process. Listen to this webcast for expert tips on optimizing and modernizing your storage strategy from Insight and Dell Technologies experts.

App Modernization: People, Process, and Technology

How can organizations derive the greatest business value from IT modernization? In this webcast, experts from IDG, Insight CDCT, and VMware share their thoughts on how best to modernize applications and infrastructure to drive meaningful transformation and maximize the benefits of today’s technology.

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